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Over-The-Air update?

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I faced a situation wherein the green light on the smart strip was suddenly in constant blink mode.

Upon changing the mode to 'Settings' and connecting to the device via the browser, I got the following message:

Settings Applied Successfully.

Please close this window and switch your power extension to normal mode


Q1) Was this because of an 'Over-The-Air' update, as there were no changes made in the local environment i.e. router, strip etc.

Q2) If in case of an OTA, would the above process need to be repeated?


asked Aug 2, 2017 by satjit.sethi (290 points)

1 Answer

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1) No OTA has been triggered in last 1 month

2) Even when we do over the air upgrades it does not change user settings

This must be either of following

1) WiFi Name / password change on your router

2) Internet connectivity problem

3) Router not providing DHCP address to device (please try to reboot router)

Please call our support number if you face such issue again.
answered Aug 3, 2017 by sfiadmin (9,390 points)
Thanks for the quick revert.

As no configuration change was done, we can rule out point # 1.
I'll keep this under observation for the other two possibilities.