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A Big Issue In Support Form

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Dear Smarteefi Support Team,

I Wanted To Tell You About A Big Issue In The Support Form.

I Had An Issue In the Application And I Clicked Ask A Question On Website And Clicked Image Icon Now It Says To Enter URL But I Have It In My Phone.

I Am Not A Techy Person. Please Add A Feature To Upload Image On The Website.

And Please Don't Say Contact Us On, Or Whatsapp Us, Or Email Us Etc...

Please Reply Me Here.

asked Aug 29 by sandeepthakur (140 points)

1 Answer

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There is no plan to do any enhancements in support forum. Infect support forum is expected to be removed very soon. Our primary support channel now is whatsapp messaging. Forum was there before we started providing support on whatsapp messaging. We are working on new web portal that is expected to be launched within a month and new portal will not have forum.
answered Aug 30 by vipin.gahlaut (5,290 points)