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16A Node Not changing to setup mode

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Dear Smarteefi Support, I am happy to have the smart node. I found a challenge to change the node to setup mode. Tried several times 1 to 20 times main power switch on/off but the GREEN Lite just blinks not flashing. So, I am not able to configure the switch using web browser, mobile app and not even I am finding the wifi signal of this switch as it is not changing to setup mode. Kindly help me to fix this issue.

Serial: ns1110000175

Activation Code: 101355
asked Aug 24 by GopiKrishnanVJ (120 points)

1 Answer

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Probably you are not doing it the right way. In your description you said that you switch off/on main power 1 to 20 times. Please note that main power is not supposed to be switched on/off. It is the manual switch that you will connect to S1+com port that is supposed to be toggled instead of main power switch. We have captured the process in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXuoZHxPWmw

You may contact our support on whatsapp 8130345141 (Between 10am to 6pm). Our technical support team will help you with settings mode as well as wifi configuration.

answered Aug 24 by sfiadmin (11,270 points)