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Need a smart solution to control a DC circuit that operates 'Gate automation'

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I have installed gate automation (sliding gate) to my home. It's from FAAC company (Model 741). The modes to operate the gate are:
1.A Radio frequency remote device like a car key. This device is typically kept in the car and pressed from outside to open the gate and enter the compound. one push of the button either opens the gate or closes the gate. If the gate in open position, the key press causes the gate to close. If the key is pressed when the gate is in closed position, the gate opens by pressing the same button.
2.A manual key system fixed inside the home to a wall that we turn on like a car ignition key. This system helps for the people in the house to open the gate from inside the house. One key turn either opens the gate or closes the gate. Key doesn't stay in the turned position, it springs back once you take your hand of it.
3.A push button in the watchman's room. one push of the button either opens the gate or closes the gate.

Now i want to be able to do this operation over Wi-Fi. How do i do it. From phone/app or alexa or google assistant. I was told that the circuit that operates the gate is a DC circuit. The gate itself is run by a motor with AC power

Link to the product manual: 740-741-732484-revd-en.pdf (windows.net)

asked Jul 27 by drsatishoffice (230 points)
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1 Answer

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Please call our tech support @ 8130345141, we will help you.
answered Aug 4 by smarteefi.test (180 points)