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Not able to assign room in Smarteefi App

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I had installed a Switchboard in my Bedroom couple of weeks back and its working well. The problem is that when I mapped the switches on the app, all of them got configured and working well. But now I have bought another switchboard from another room, so the first set of switches I would like to assign them to a specific room, so that when I configure the new Switchboard, I can assign it to another room. But in the app, I am not able to do it.

Refer to the attached image, it says, not assigned to Rooms, but there is no way I am able to assign them. Even if I add a new room, I am not able to move these switches / board to that room.

Am I missing something or is it not possible?

Kindly suggest.

Rizwan Wahab

Mob: 7500567437
asked Sep 27, 2022 by rizwahab (120 points)

1 Answer

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Please watch this vide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4xKZMOxHKE. You can fast forward to 4:00 min for moving devices to rooms

answered Oct 9, 2022 by sfiadmin (10,750 points)