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Retrofitting with 8 Module Switches

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Below are existing Switch Board Details: 


Outer PLATE Dimensions 240 mm x 80 mm (plate edge to plate edge)

Inner Dimension 180 mm x 40 mm (module edge to module edge)

This Panel comprises of (Left to right) 

Module -1 - single module two way switch for Tubelight

Module-2 - Single Module two switch for FAN

Module 3 & 4 - Fan regulator 

Module - 5 - Control switch with LED for 5amp socket

Module -6&7 - 6 am socket

Module-8 - USB Port

A/C Switch

The a/c is controlled by remote (of-off) but the Power switch is a conventional 16Amps Switch 

Outer PLATE Dimensions: 85 x 85 mm 

Inner Switch Dimensions - 45 mm x 45cmm

Pls, recommend the best Smateefi Products to control FAN, Tubelight, A/C



Vijay Ayyappn


Our AIM is to Control  


asked May 20, 2022 by bva (120 points)

1 Answer

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Dear Sir,

As you are in touch with our sales team. Hope they have proposed you to right configuration and price quotation.
answered Jun 26, 2022 by vipin.gahlaut (5,290 points)