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Need Warranty replacement

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I bought the device on 21st October 2019, Installation was smooth and it was working very good, but recently in the last 3 months the plug becomes unresponsive often even when the light shows as solid green.

Then I had to press the first button and make it sync again. then it will start working immediately & works good for 4-7 days, then again it will go unresponsive & I have to resync again to wifi, there is no change in wireless equipment/modem they are in same range, other devices works very good.

Note the light will stay solid green & the switches go unresponsive, no blinking green, I would have resynced it around 12-15 times in the last couple of months, so the device has started malfunctioning & I would like to get a warranty replacement.


John Simon
asked Sep 24, 2020 by johnsimon1986 (120 points)

1 Answer

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Please contact customer Tech support. support@smarteefi.com
answered Sep 25, 2020 by sfiadmin (9,390 points)