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Unable to set wifi in the settings

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I am have purchased 2 smart spike buster devices from your company 3 or 4 years back. Initially I was working with your device and worked fine. But last 1 year I didn't used your device and when I started to use once again, I have facing following problem:

Device nno. se3110000410: Unable to set Wifi settings, since SSID is automatically changing and showing my email id as SSID and unable make any changes

Device no. se3110000247: The device itself not working, it is not showing the status or status light is not glowing, Unable to change Settings or Normal mode. Neither of the switches are functioning to using it as a normal extension box

Please advice, how to rectify these errors..

Best regards,


asked Aug 8 by shashi_fox (120 points)

1 Answer

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Please contact our tech support. 8130345141
answered Aug 8 by vipin.gahlaut (3,890 points)