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Number of schedules

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Not able to schedule more than 25 schedules to one device. Is there a limit set?
asked May 20, 2020 by drsatishoffice (190 points)

1 Answer

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Yes.Currently there is a limit of 24 schedules per device. Let us know your use case so that we can look if there is any other solution that we can suggest you like loop timer
answered May 20, 2020 by sfiadmin (10,590 points)
I have set loop timer to work - 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off - (in forever mode)
This setting stays ok for about 12 hours and then it 'stops'. The setting has to be 'restarted'
Then i tried setting the 'scheduler' - the same 30 mts off and 30 mts on cycle. But then i realised, that only 24 schedules can be set.
So I tried 'loop timer for 12 hours and 'scheduler' for 12 hours. In this case, only scheduler works, but 'loop timer' does not work...
we did ask you to send the screenshot of looptimer. Without seeing looptimer settings we won't be able to help you.