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Can I fit your customizable smart switch board in place of a MK Modular Switch Board

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My flat was wired and fitted with MK switch boards. And they are incompatible with Smarteefy Solutions. For my two devices that I currently own, I am using anchor boards, fitted on wooden frame of my TV unit.

For my other rooms, I was looking for smarteefy switches, but since they have MK Switch board, I was wondering if I can replace those board with your customizable board.

Attaching image for my board :  

asked Apr 10 by swarupsengupta2007 (120 points)

1 Answer

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The plate in your image is 6M plate and we have same size plate available. But your plate need to be replaced with our plate.Please give us call at 8130345141 if you need more details.
answered Apr 10 by sfiadmin (8,230 points)