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15 Amps Plug

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I have been using the Smarteefi switches for a lot of my critical devices and have been working exceptionally well till date. However, now I feel the need the extend the capability to other devices like the water heaters, air conditioners , microwaves , etc. I am not sure if the device could be substituted for 15 amps switches. Please help
asked Feb 27, 2017 by george.karian (170 points)

2 Answers

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We are coming up with 16A Smart Switch in March-17. Switch can be inserted to ROMA/Anchor compatible modular switch plate and can be wired with existing 16A sockets.
answered Feb 27, 2017 by vipin.gahlaut (4,610 points)
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16A Smart Power Switch is available for sale now at Amazzon.in


answered Mar 9, 2017 by sfiadmin (9,390 points)