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The smarteefi android wife remote switch 2 in 1 smart plug got burnt

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I have bought 2 smarteefi android wifi remote switch 2 in 1 smart plug and they got burnt.

Both the switches got burnt. Initially there was sparks and then it got burnt and everything stopped working.


I have bought them from amazon on 29th Oct,2018 and I have a warranty of 1 year for them. Need a replacement for both the switches asap please. Without those switches its difficult to operate the appliances as it will not work either through Alexa or through manual operation.

My login to smarteefi: anpranav1991@gmail.com

You can see under MYDEVICES for this login that the status of the 2 switches with serial numbers ss2110000666 and ss2110000677 is unknown




asked Sep 20, 2019 by anpranav1991 (120 points)
edited Sep 20, 2019 by anpranav1991

1 Answer

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Please write an email to support@smarteefi.com. If they are under warranty they will be repaired. Please provide the serial number for your switches.
answered Sep 20, 2019 by sfiadmin (8,230 points)
Hi I just edited the question with serial numbers. And yes I will write to support@smarteefi.com as well

Thank you