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Power strip keeps switching off

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I have a 3 plug power strip that was working perfectly for some months. Nothing has changed on my wifi or internet settings or location.

But now the strip keeps falling off the network - the status light changes to flashing blue led, then flashing green, then stabilizes to green. After a few minutes (varies), it again switches off, blue led flashes and the whole cycle repeats.

Tried removing it from the app and reinstalling but the problem persists. Also restarted my router but no solution.

What can be done to fix this?
asked Aug 26, 2019 by vivekhurry (120 points)

1 Answer

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I believe you are using device with serial number se3110002399. We checked it and every few minutes device fails to send health ping messages to our server. This seems to be a local internet related issue at your end and should be resolved once internet works fine
answered Aug 26, 2019 by sfiadmin (11,270 points)
edited Aug 26, 2019 by sfiadmin