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Countdown is not working. Pump continues to run.

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I have been using Smaereefi 16A switch with my pump. It was working perfectly till recently but since last two days it has stopped switching off after the countdown is over. When I start countdown to switch the motor on for say 60 seconds, it immediately goes on but doesn't switch off after 60 seconds. I have tried it multiple time but this is not working. I have tried restarting switch as well as my wifi router. What could be the reason and what is the solution.
asked Jun 2, 2019 by rgoyal.ce (130 points)

1 Answer

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Countdown timer functionality is updated for better convenience. you need to set countdown timer only once and then whenever you switch-on your appliance through app standard on/off button, manually or from Alexa countdown will always be triggered. When you set the value to 0 it will start acting as normal switch
answered Jun 13, 2019 by gailu96 (1,020 points)