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Power Strip losing WiFi Connectivity without change to WiFi Settings

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I have two Power Strips from Smarteefi v2.0 (I guess because I do not have the button to switch modes).

Invariably and randomly, my power strips seem to lose connectivity to the WiFi network. The Status LED seems to be blinking GREEN.

If I press the s1 button to switch to Setup Mode and configure the WiFi Settings, it still continues to blink GREEN. If I continue to ignore, on its own it is back on the network and all is well.

Need support in understanding what is going on.
asked Jan 14, 2019 by sheldon126 (120 points)

1 Answer

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If it happens again. Just try to reboot your router without doing anything on the power strip and let us know if that solves the connectivity issue
answered Jan 15, 2019 by vipin.gahlaut (3,090 points)