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Can I control modes in the device that is being controlled.

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Exact question : I have a socket which is connected a to a Phillips 5.1 multi media home theater system which has several inputs. By default when the speakers are turned on it goes to (----) which means no input selected. It needs to switched to the different modes (---, AUX, Bluetooth,Radio,USB) either using a remote or using the physical button on the speaker.

Now the Question I'm asking is if I link Alexa to this Smart strip, will I be able to control the different modes in the speaker using Alexa. (Because that would be Awesome. )
asked Sep 29, 2018 by dsrirammanohar2 (120 points)

1 Answer

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Smart Power Strip only connects/disconnects power supply to the device.
answered Sep 30, 2018 by sfiadmin (9,390 points)